• state-of-art cloud solution with auto-scaling capabilities
  • we are able to sell out your massive 30k+ events in matter of minutes and without technical glitches
  • repeatedly and successfully used as the selling platform for some of the most popular events happening in Slovakia (exclusive seller of tickets for Slovak Footbal representation, concert of Lucie, concert of Elan and many more)
  • reasonable pricing which should be interesting for every event promoter
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Current & Past Projects

We have proven track record of success to deliver mission critical systems. We understand challenges associated with designing and implementing of complex systems. Whether you start your project on green field or need to adjust decades old frameworks, we are the right choice for you. Please, have a look on our current/past projects to get a glimpse of what our capabilities are.

  • implementing delay-tolerant network protocol to be standardized and used in future space missions
  • developing firmware for high-end routers produced by major vendor
  • some of the SDN protocols we were implementing: Openflow 1.0, Openflow 1.3, Netconf, Segment Routing
  • Part of team which implemented new processing system for card payments
  • Highly scalable system able to handle peaks (e.g. greatly increased number of transactions over Christmas period)
  • programming system lying at the heart of provisioning for T-mobile Austria
  • system able to handle and deploy services on the underlying hardware in a rate exceeding five hundred requests per second
  • developed custom cloud solution able to automatically upscale and downscale as needed
  • cost-effective robust solution able to cope with high loads
  • successfully deployed and used in production (